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(S)he Is Beautiful

Monday, is the day when everybody wake up from a long rest in weekend, so do I. I have a class in Monday, so I have to wake up and study. In my sixth semester of my study in English Department Universitas Gadjah Mada, I take a creative writing class. The lecture is Mas Dalih, an Indonesian travel blogger. As a travel blogger he often leaves the class and travel to a new place. He had been in Bali in last two weeks, so he got his friend who called Mbak Abmi take his place to teach us. She ever taught us in a week before and played us a movie about how should we deal with plastic bags, BAG IT. I had the review of this film in my previous post. But this Monday, she brought a guest. When I went to the class I saw a black-long hair beautiful man smiling to me. I was wondering, who was the beautiful creature with such pointed nose and proportional body. This man sat in the corner of the classroom. I talked to my friends about this stranger, and in the edge of our curiosity, my mind whisper…