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A Memory Painter

Kim Yee Soul, a Korean who studies in English Department Universitas Gadjah Mada. She was a newbie painter when she was 4 years old. She paints what she wants. Everything she wants running in her head and she just put it to a paper or canvas. One of her painting is about a girl wearing red Adidas jacket and some sunflower in the left side of the girl. She paint the girl by seeing the photograph she took randomly from internet, she is really like to use copy technique, which she has to do just take a photograph from models or things she met and she will draw a painting from the photographs. In addition, she also likes to pick randomly a picture from internet and draw it. When I asked her why she like to take a photograph before paint something, she talked about the memories, because she loves travelling, she does not want to loose any memory of what she likes when she is in a new place.
Combination between a girl and some sunflowers make it a unique painting. Some sunflowers seem very…


There are many ways to express opinions or even explore ourselves. One of them is by stating what we think and feel through writing. Sometimes we are quite satisfied to keep our thoughts or ideas of our own, but it would not be wrong if we try to share our views with other people by publish it. In Indonesia, the publisher who received the writings in English language quite a lot, namely:
Address: Jl. Palmerah Selatan 15, Jakarta 10270, Indonesia
Telp: (021) 5300476, 5300478.
Fax:  (021) 5492685
Email : , , , , ,

Email:, ,

Email: , ,

Address: Jl.  Pulo Lentut 12 Pulo Gadung Indust…

in between IDENTITY

What your first impression once you meet a transvestite, known as waria?
Afriyani – a teacher
“I was confused to make an impression. Transvestite was full of ambiguity, especially if he wants to go in the toilet, the toilet entrance of woman or man. They also confused in choosing boarding houses, in boarding house for girl or boy.”
Annisa SP – a college student
“Fear and scary when I first met transvestite.. But now pity, because maybe they're so out of economic necessity or influenced by their environment. “
Yes. I felt the same too.  I felt confused and frightened when I first met a transvestite. However, I ever had a chance to know better about transvestites when I was in elementary school. Her name was mama Jensen or Jenny.  She is one of my mother friends. I went to her salon often, just to make sure, was she real? Or it just my imagination character that I used to create in my childhood. She is. Once she knew me went through her house, I felt scared, but then she gave me cho…

Karena Ku Tahu Engkau Begitu - Andre Hehanusa

Kuyakin dalam hatiku, kau satu yang kuperlu
Kurasa hanya dirimu, yang membuatku rindu

Bila saat nanti kau milikku, kuyakin cintamu
Tak'kan terbagi, tak'kan berpaling
Karna kutahu engkau begitu

Hinggaku pasti menunggu, selama apapun itu
Demi cinta yang kurasakan, yang hanyalah kepadamu

Percayalah ku sungguh-sungguh, mengatakan semua
Yakinkan hatimu kau milikku
Karna kutahu engkau begitu
Karna kutahu engkau begitu

a song I used to listen in my playlist since 5 years ago , of you

BAG IT !!!

Bag it? What is it? Story about an unique, hillarious, expensive and tottaly amazing bag? NOPE!! BAG IT means to put in a bag or to stop doing something. Know, I do not want to talk about things I should put in my bag in every single day, but I would like to talk about more ACTION to stop doing a thing, which is to stop using PLASTIC.
Last week, one lecturer played a video about BAG IT. A documenter movie made by by Suxan Beraza featuring Jeb Berrier. The movie tells us about plastics and papers bag. The story began with Jeb Berrier questions of the using of plastic bag. People use plastic bag in many conditions, such as when shopping, buying groceries, buying medicine, and buying many stuffs which always covered with plastics. People can keep plastic bags they get from the supermarket or the store, but when people get a lot of plastic again from the store, what will people do with the many plastics they have?? Keep it? Or just throw it away? Wait!! Is that really? Plastic bags are c…

Cinta Tak Pernah Tepat Waktu

" hidup ini bukan hanya mengenai pencarian, tetapi tentang apa yang kita miliki saat ini "