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A Memory Painter

Kim Yee Soul, a Korean who studies in English Department Universitas Gadjah Mada. She was a newbie painter when she was 4 years old. She paints what she wants. Everything she wants running in her head and she just put it to a paper or canvas. One of her painting is about a girl wearing red Adidas jacket and some sunflower in the left side of the girl. She paint the girl by seeing the photograph she took randomly from internet, she is really like to use copy technique, which she has to do just take a photograph from models or things she met and she will draw a painting from the photographs. In addition, she also likes to pick randomly a picture from internet and draw it. When I asked her why she like to take a photograph before paint something, she talked about the memories, because she loves travelling, she does not want to loose any memory of what she likes when she is in a new place.

Combination between a girl and some sunflowers make it a unique painting. Some sunflowers seem very interesting, it almost like one of Van Gogh painting. She admits that her inspiration of keeping paint is Vincent Van Gogh; it is why she copied Van Gogh ‘sunflowers’ in her painting. The painting is deal with memory, when she was in elementary school in South Korea, Van Gogh painting always became a cover of the students drawing books.

From my point of view, as a unique and cheerful person her painting not describe any sadness, because one important thing is that she always paint what she like, what makes her happy. Her painting indirectly describes memories, either from a photograph of what she likes or a photograph of what she has been.