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Hi there!

*wandering how could it could be*

Hi, me!

NO, NO, i'm not me, my name is .. ..

you are me! you said it!

off course i'm not you, and i'm not me, but i'm myself
hey, why are you talking to me?

why not?

why you?
you're just  -- a paper doll

yes I am.

and you don't have mouth to speak

yes I am

and you don't have heart too

am I the one who don't have heart?

obviously yes!

why you say so?

because you are - not living things -

but I'm here in front of you, you can hear me,
and I am ALIVE!

how can you alive? you are just a paper doll of mine!

what you say?
I am a paper doll
what was I made from?

paper , you think?!

what paper made from?


what pulp made from?

wood grain i think

and wood grain come from?

trees!!! am I look so stupid??

deadly correct!


are trees alive?

absolutely yes!

yes, so?
I came from something alive yet -living thing- like you made me not alive.

are you gonna scold me?

Off course!  we are same -living things- until you made me -not alive-

did you have heart? and mouth to speak?

yes I did, and I do have now.
but in past I speak from the blowing wind and fresh air, 
now I speak from your mind

so it make differences?

ask your heart.

*thinking in about 10 minutes*

what your favorite color?


what blue?


and what your favorite color?


nice! you can be nice to me

yeah, after you are nice to me too

save my green, and i will save your blue


  1. such a deep conversation :) nice to read it when somehow u feel like finding sumthin to comfort u inside..u have a talent najih ;)

  2. Nice post. You have a talent of speaking with "invisible" things, I guess! :p

  3. thank you ayesha for your spiritful comment :)

  4. I think so sofi, perhaps I am too often spend my time for many 'invisible' thigs, so that I can talk to them :D


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