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student's poem

I teach a tutorial vocabulary class in Universitas Gadjah Mada. Last week, I asked my students to write poem of their own. I find the most wonderful poems of them. 

by Lolita Saras

They are friends of the sun
They are friends of the rain
Escapists of a prudent soul
They are dressed in shield shell
And drown when they intend themselves to
The attendance of the sea
Presents the shaded view below the surface
Thousands of Albatrosses are meant for injuries
Oh brothers of life
I’m about to be thrilled then die


Silent Nightfall
by Setyani
Sometimes you would wonder
About each other sentiment covering your pleasure

Sometimes you would expect
For glimpse of light while yield into abyss called yourself

Sometimes you would weep
When world turn its back while no strength left

Form of your dream lamented
Lake beneath your moon quaked
Sky above your desire mourned
Simple tarnished laughter escaped
What would you do?
What would you say?

When your dear one detest your very own self?

So, would you carry out till the end?
Or would you broke and blend?

What limit that grasp you?
Is it still around?
Is it really around?
Or is it just figment of delusion sent by mourn?

Grounded by name of insanity
Alleged by substance called immaturity

Were you questioning your sanity?
Would you deny your normality?
Will you hide in false charity?

The ground beneath you is firm
The sky on top of you is bright
But stake that clutch you wail

Realized it now?

That’s just comfort made by your frontage
Lithe dream made by your catastrophe

To hold you firm
To give you air
To mend your sanity



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