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5 Senses


Blue. Turquoise. They are the color of me. People say that when we feel blue means we feel sad. That’s not applicable for me. Blue can be everything. Where I find blue? Yes, in the sky and beach. Why the color of the sky is blue?

Because, the atmosphere contains tiny gas molecules and particles. Sunlight which enters the atmosphere meets the gas molecules and particles. Color of light has a long light wave like red and yellow can pass through the molecular gas and particles. But blue has a shorter light wave reflected back into the atmosphere. The same principles applies also to the water in the sea, beach, and lake that looks blue.
Blue can be seen in the sky, oceans, and beaches. Beach is my favorite. The overwhelmed gloomy, fancy, and funny combination in beach make me comfortable to stay in. The corals that irritate the skin because unconsciously rubbing when see billions cubic of water in front of the eyes; the salty water which give more pain for the irritate skin; the sound of waves and the sand are so amazing!


Chocolate is a mood booster for me. That unique taste with a little sweet, bitter, and how it’s melt in my mouth when I eat it, obviously delicious!  After I eat chocolate I feel better although in my worst condition. One day when I was very tired from studied in campus, went around searching my academic tutor, and came home from Jogja, I got extremely bad mood. Did not want to speak or move from my bed. What I was doing just sleep all the day and yes, God helped me to find a chocolate box in the refrigerator, so I ate it, I feel like in heaven.  Perhaps because some content of chocolate like caffeine, theobromine, methyl-xanthine and phenylethylalanine can improve mood and reduce fatigue, that was my doctor said long time ago.


Can you imagine the tang suddenly come and and you smell it just like in front of your nose? Oh God thanks for keep me from that disgusting, nasty fruit. Nope. I don’t want to judge the beautiful shape of Durian as the most disgusting food. But, that tang of Durian really hurt my nose. Durian is one of tropical fruit which grows in Indonesia, and many people like it. So that, these people is not me. Three days ago there were two durians in my boarding house dining room, and my room is in front of this dining room, so all the day I just stay in my room and locks it. Then I came out my room after I saw from my window, the durians were gone.
People often say that durian is very sweet and tasty, but how can I eat a durian when I cannot breath and sometimes vomit when I smell it?



The first sound I heard this morning and almost every morning was jason’s crying. Jason is a boy of 3 years old who lives in front of my boarding house. He is very cute as same as ‘boboho’, but every morning he cries, so the word cute not exactly explained him.  He cried aloud and could not abate for about 10 minutes; his crying could be heard from my room in second floor. How terrible! It was very creepy and annoying since I heard it almost every morning.


The texture of my shoes is smooth, perhaps because it is from fine leather. But, in some part of it feel dusty and a little dirty, the grains make it feel greasy when I step on it or walk. My shoes lace are white and rough, and it easily loose. So i just put them inside the shoes, i rarely tie them, because i am too lazy to tie them again and again.