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Thursday at 1 p.m I walked to the Pasca Lama building to take 'Creative Writing' class B. The class was on the third floor, and I was just very lazy and too tired to climb the stairs. I climbed up slowly, entered the classroom, thanks God the lecture hadn't arrived yet!

I sat down in the second line from the front, checked my phone, text-ed my friend, and CIIIIIIIIIIITTTTT! The door opened and there he was! My 'Creative Writing' lecture. I gazed and smiled, 'THERE IS A HARRY POTTER IN MY CLASS!!'

What the 'HARRY POTTER' would do? Ouuw, my 'HARRY POTTER' lecture name is Labodalih Sembiring. He is a travel blogger and he would teach my class in this six semester. He would teach us how to improve our writing ability creatively. Sounds interesting!

Then he talked about creative writing. What is creative writing and how to do creative writing. he also talked about his blog. One of the quotes of creative writing which I like is :


Because of his interesting explanation I searched his blog using my phone, and I found many AWESOME photos. So, that's why English Department asked him to teach this class. Again, I scrolled down his blog and heard his explanation during his class. ENVY! He did a lot of traveling! 

I promise to my self to do more traveling than him and post it to my blog! Amiiin.